CBD Dosage – Tips To Give For Your Dog Or Cat

CBD is potent for both human and animal consumption. This explains why it works perfectly for your pets. However, it matters how you give your pets CBD. Always consider dosage and stick to what the vet recommends. Fortunately, getting the proper dosage for your cat or dog is not complicated. Keep reading for practical suggestions when next you intend to supplement your pet’s medication with CBD.

CBD Dosage - Tips To Give For Your Dog Or Cat

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Is CBD Good for Pets?

You have probably wondered about how much CBD should I give my pet for anxiety and even questioned if it is the right thing to do. CBD is helpful for many pets, just as it is suitable for humans. Once you are sure that your pet will benefit from consuming CBD, your next move should be finding out what CBD could help with. Experts believe that CBD in pets, especially dogs, can be instrumental for the following:

  1. Curing arthritis and joint pain
  2. Clearing anxiety and depression
  3. Helping with nausea
  4. Moderating pain and discomfort
  5. Assisting with chronic inflammation

If you have a terminally ill pet, constantly in pain, and always inflamed, then it can benefit from using CBD. However, just as it is with humans, where one is first advised to seek their physician’s consent before using CBD products, you also need to talk to the vet to know what would work. Sometimes, all you need to do is confirm the dosage and whether or not the CBD will interact adversely with the other medication.

CBD Products for Dogs and Pets in General

There are different CBD products that pet owners could explore. The most common CBD product available for pets would be CBD oils. However, you can also find capsules and tablets that work equally well. Choosing the right product depends on preference and sometimes the dog’s behavior. Some pets struggle with consuming tabs, so oils would work better when added to their food.

CBD Products for Dogs and Pets in General

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Dosage Considerations

Once you have settled on the type of CBD product you want for your pet, your next concern will be the dosage. A few aspects affect the dosage given to the pet. These include:

  1. The pet’s weight and size
  2. The potency of the CBD product chosen
  3. The issue being treated

Remember that what works for one pet may not do much for another—research the different products and their effect on pets. If possible, focus on products that have been used on pets such as yours. Additionally, you want to constantly touch with the vet if you need to consult something on the dosage. Never give a pet any medication without the authorization of your vet. Besides the expert advice, you also want to be careful about the pet’s condition.

Do not overdose on it, yet it cannot metabolize the product because of its condition. This is why you need to be careful not to give dogs or cats medication without consulting your vet. More importantly, you want to choose a strong CBD product that is not overwhelming. Consider the level of potency before giving it to your pet. The story of potency depends on the size of the pet. For instance, one dog can comfortably use a 75mg CBD product while another will be overwhelmed with a potency level of 30mg.

Dosage Considerations

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Generally, smaller dogs need less potent CBD than larger dogs requiring more potent CBD to work. Whenever you buy the right CBD supplement for your dog, make sure to have this in mind as it affects the dosages in the long run.

Lastly, when thinking about the dosage, you want to pay attention to the quality of the CBD product.

Unfortunately, the industry is highly unregulated, so there is no telling the best products from the fakes. Even so, research extensively and read reviews about the products you want to give your pet. In case there are complaints or negative feedback about a specific CBD product for pets, then you should stay away from it. The last thing you want is to put your already sick pet through discomfort that can be avoided.

Only buy products that seem to have positive effects on pets. You could inquire on the social media pages and ask pert owners with first-hand experience what they say about the product you intend to buy. Note that pets tend to be very sensitive, and one wrong move can make a huge difference.

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So How Much CBD is Enough for Your Pet?

There is no specific answer to this question. Just make sure to consider the aspects already mentioned above. Even so, introduce the product slowly and start with small doses and build upwards depending on your pet’s response.

So How Much CBD is Enough for Your Pet

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You should consider giving it more if it has high tolerance levels. It would be best to consider purchasing the CBD from reliable manufacturers. In most cases, such companies have a breakdown on the dosage that they deem appropriate for your pet based on the formulations they came up with.

If you are unsure how to proceed, consider sticking to the suggested dosage instructions as directed by the manufacturer. The chances are that you cannot go wrong with this one. Alternatively, have your vet advise on the best dosage if no instructions are attached to the product. In the end, what matters is ensuring the pet is safe.

Final Thoughts

Choosing CBD for pets is not difficult. All you have to do is consider the pet’s size, condition, and weight. Always consult the vet before you try any CBD product.

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