Summer makeup tips

Summer makeup tips

Makeup is an essential for so many of us. It is not just about enhancing the features, but it also is important for putting a professional look together, as it aids in making one prepared. You may even use makeup for the sake of it.

Well, no matter what your intention behind makeup is, it can become rather challenging through the sweltering heat of the summers.

Sweating is a big problem that summers bring. Not only does that cause the makeup to melt away, but the amalgamation of makeup with sweat also then increases the chances of breakouts that then require the help of the Best Dermatologist in Karachi then.

Similarly, it is rather hard to wear layers of makeup when it is so hot. Your skin also needs to be able to breathe, and so makeup may become harder to bear.

Moreover, makeup is harder to sustain when you continuously keep wiping your face. Suffice to say, you need to make your makeup routine summer friendly.

Summer friendly makeup

Perhaps try no makeup look

Because summers are all about brightness, with the bright sun and the colorful clothes, perhaps it is better to opt for lighter makeup. Instead of going for a loud look, toning it down can be soothing to the eyes.

Rather than going for full-blown diva look on the eyes, a monochromatic and minimal look would be better. Do go for a blush so that you look sun kissed. Also go for a lip tint so that your lips look naturally flush.

Hydrate your lips

While matte is certainly more convenient as it’s long lasting, but with your matte summer, it might be a little too much. Try to use a lip balm or maybe a gloss.

Pipe down on the foundation

Wearing thick foundation is extremely hard to do, and to be honest, it is not always necessary. The foundation will not always be comfortable to pull off, and it may also clog your pores.

So, instead of wearing the foundation, opt instead for something light to wear. Unless you absolutely need to put a clean base on your skin, go bare faced with a dab of concealer to bring evenness to your complexion. Or you may also benefit from the using a tinted moisturizer. You may also use the BB and CC creams for to make your skin even as well.

Powder based

Using cream-based makeup like the foundation and blush might not be a good idea in summers. Unlike winters where the issue is of dry skin, the problem with summer skin is the sweat and high level of glisten to it. So, opt instead for powders, so they soak up the excess moisture, and give yourself a matte and put together look.

Moreover, once you are done with all your makeup, set and seal everything up with finishing powder. It will help your makeup stay.

Setting spray

Since perhaps one of the most challenging things is making the makeup stay, therefore using the setting spray is vital. You then don’t have to continuously keep doing the touch-ups.

However, you may forgo it if you are not looking for a long day with a face full of makeup.

Use waterproof makeup

To prevent the makeup from going haywire, try to invest in waterproof makeup. It will prevent the makeup from moving. Eye makeup especially should be waterproof, since it is more likely to budge and cause a lot of damage to your appearance in its wake; nobody wants to have raccoon eyes, unless they are going for a gothic look.

Primer, maybe?

If you are struggling with the clogged pores on your skin, alongside visiting your dermatologist at National Hospital & Medical Centre, you may benefit from using a primer. It settles over the skin to present with an even base, so that your skin looks flawless.

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