How to provide students with a proper science understanding and knowledge: tips for teachers

tips for teachers

Among the various academic subjects, science is an important one for students. Understanding the human body, the nature around us, the technology, and functioning having basic scientific knowledge plays a significant role for all of us. Science is a subject that is divided into physics, chemistry, and biology.

 The facts, figures,  applications of physics and chemistry, and detailed theoretical lessons of biology, make science difficult for many students. However, the right teaching practices will help to overcome this difficulty. Let us discuss some effective tips that teachers can conduct for providing students with a proper science understanding and knowledge. 

Effective science teaching tips

1. Use technology in the classroom

Science is a subject that has detailed theoretical and applicative portions. Understanding all these topics from textbooks becomes difficult for students. Also listening to the teachers reading out the textbook material is boring and less engaging too.

 To overcome this problem, using technology helps. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. They become more interested and engaged in the classes too.

     2. Ensure note-making 

To ensure that students understand the science topics well, they need to listen to the teachers actively in the class. In this regard, all teachers should ask students to make notes. When students make notes, they actively listen to the teachers to find out the important pointers emphasized.

 By writing and jotting down the important information, understanding and comprehension become more effective for students. Also, the prepared notes can be used for effective revisions and self-studies at home. The class notes can also be used to have quick recaps of the important information at the time of exams.

     3. Have physics, chemistry, and biology lab visits respectively 

Understanding and relating to the lengthy science lessons printed in the textbooks is difficult for students. However, r when they get a practical or real-life experience of any content, understanding, and relatability become very effective. In this regard conducting the lab, visits are important.

 By using LMS portals, along with theoretical classes, all students must conduct lab visits. By performing experiments, chemical reactions, and dissections, students tend to understand the concepts better.  Every week plan for physics, chemistry, and biology lab visits respectively.  Ask students to perform the experiments, note down the results and conclusions and get them checked by the teachers for effective understanding.

     4. Re-teach the applicative portions

The physics and chemistry of both these subjects are application-based. Every physics or chemistry lesson is filled with numerical, derivations, equations, reactions, units, formulas, and more. Not all students have effective applicative skills. Facts, figures, and numerical word problems make science difficult for students. To overcome this problem, teachers should re-teach the applicative portions. Manage your time effectively, and make sure to conduct one or two classes every week for reteaching and revising the application-based topics. Later answer the doubts and queries of all students.

     5. Give homework

Science is an academic subject that requires students to stay consistent and dedicated. Only dependent on the teachers and classroom learning won’t be enough for students. To hold a good understanding and science skills, regular self-efforts are very important. But many students keep delaying and procrastinating their studies. They don’t pick up science lessons every day. 

To overcome this problem, giving homework daily will help. When students are given reading and learning homework, they will study and revise the classroom done topics every day. To make students explore more and develop their interest in science, giving easy assignments and projects to make will also help. By using educational institute ERP, keep a track or record that all students are submitting the homework timely or not. 


Science is an important academic subject for students.  Till secondary classes, it is a compulsory academic subject to study. The applicative physics, chemistry lessons, and detailed theories in biology make science difficult for students. To reduce this difficulty, effective teaching is very important. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can provide students with a proper science understanding and knowledge. This will help students to enhance their science skills, do well in science exams and assure academic growth. 

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