Ask a Personal Injury Attorney: Who Determines My Claim is Worth


Have you recently been injured in an accident? You might be wondering how much your case could be worth. Working with a personal injury attorney in Cheyenne WY will help you get a fair settlement.

Ask a Personal Injury Attorney in Cheyenne WY: Who Determines My Claim is Worth?

If you have recently been injured due to another person’s negligence or actions, then you might be entitled to receive compensation. Getting a fair settlement can help you deal with any missed wages or medical bills, and it can make healing from your injury a lot easier. 

However, it’s impossible to say right off the bat how much your specific claim might be worth. There are a variety of factors that the court will take into consideration when determining how much your compensation should be. The following factors will be taken into account.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is a legal term that refers to the amount of both physical and emotional pain and suffering one experiences because of an injury. There are several examples that count as physical and emotional suffering. 

Physical Pain and Suffering

This type of pain is often the most noticeable. The physical pain that you have because of your injury can last for weeks, months, or even become chronic. You should be fairly compensated for the pain you are going through. 

A few examples of injuries that can qualify for physical pain and suffering compensation include neck injuries, broken bones, back pain, or paralysis.

Emotional Pain and Suffering

When you are injured in an accident, physical injuries aren’t the only things that you are likely to experience. An accident can be incredibly traumatizing, and it can be difficult to live your life the way you used to if you are constantly anxious or fearful. 

Many people experience PTSD after being injured in an accident. You may experience other types of emotional suffering like anger, grief, worry, or insomnia. Even though these may not be physical things, they are still very real to you, and you should be fairly compensated for them. 

Lost Wages

If the injury you received in the accident meant that you had to miss work and, therefore, wages, you should be compensated for this loss of income. You may also experience a change in your wages if your injury prevents you from performing your job like normal. 

You can claim damages starting from the day that the accident took place to the day the settlement or the trial occurs. Your personal injury attorney in Cheyenne, WY will help you gather the necessary pieces of evidence to prove this loss of wages, like pay stubs or notes from your boss. 

Medical Bills

You probably had to go to the hospital to treat your injury, and hospital visits can incur heavy costs. If you’re missing wages from work, then this will put even more financial strain on you. The settlement you receive should help you cover the costs of your medical bills. 

When you are seeking compensation for an accident, you’ll need to gather several documents from the hospital to present to the court. Your lawyer will help you gather things like medical bills and doctor’s notes to help you reach a fair settlement.

Loss of Housekeeping Capacity

An injury can prevent you from doing things around the house that are normally easy. Before your accident, you may have easily been able to keep up with things like shoveling snow, vacuuming, and other basic household tasks. But now that you have an injury, these things might be more difficult or even impossible in some situations.

You may have to hire people to help out around the house. You deserve to have these added expenses to your daily life covered. Working with a qualified lawyer will help you get the compensation that you need to keep up with your household chores.

Future Healthcare Expenses

Depending on the injury you received because of the accident, you could potentially have further complications down the line. The medical care you received immediately after your injury should be covered by your settlement, as should the costs of future health care expenses.

If you have a severe injury, a medical specialist will help put together a comprehensive life care plan that will outline what your future needs and treatments will look like. It might include things like home modifications, physical therapy, counseling, rehabilitation, or even 24/7 attendant care at home. You should be covered for these future expenses.

Getting into an accident is a scary thing, especially when you have been injured. Getting a fair settlement can help you deal with the fallout of your injury. While it’s impossible to say right away what your settlement will be, your lawyer will fight for your rights and help you get the compensation you need.

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