Apps For Teachers

Apps For Teachers

We have very commonly heard about online teaching tools, teaching methods for online classes and different modes for online teaching. Many people believe that teaching tools, methods of teaching and different teaching modes are new concepts introduced during the online system of education for online teaching and making a teacher’s job more convenient. This is not the case as teaching tools and teaching methods and modes existed even in the offline education system to facilitate traditional offline teaching in classrooms. The difference between the online and the offline forms of teaching tools, modes and methods are that these tools exist in different systems of education. The other difference is that the tools, modes and methods of the online system have proven highly beneficial in the last two years due to the online system of education being in effect and the tools and methods of the offline system have been used and modified regularly before the online system came into effect.

The online education system and the tools that it offers, not only for the teachers but also for the students and the other members related to educational institutions, offer more flexibility and inclusivity. These also make the system much more convenient to adapt to and use. These tools, platforms, modes and methods for conducting and managing the various activities related to education are easily accessible and offer new opportunities and open doors to explore beyond the scope of classrooms, textbooks and help everyone focus more on learning and application rather than just passing exams and forgetting what has been taught and what has been learnt.

Online education platforms exist in the form of apps, which are either desktop apps or mobile apps, websites and software. All of these platforms can be accessed, installed and used through a variety of electronic devices and gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets and personal computers. Apps are the most common of these online education platforms. This is because they are very easy to install and use. Apps, if they have a mobile version, can be used from anywhere and at any time offering higher flexibility and also apps offer instant notifications to help you stay up to date and never miss out on anything important and urgent.

Mobile apps are also the platforms for online education that usually offer the most number of features. Many mobile apps can be sued for almost every activity related to education and can be a single destination offering all the required solutions for online teaching and learning. Mobile apps for online education are the best tool for online teaching and learning as these apps can help create a virtual space similar to offline classrooms and also offer the features to enhance the online experience. Using a single app or a set of apps, like using a teaching app, a classroom app and a video meeting app, a teacher can conduct classes and also deliver lectures as smoothly as in the offline mode.

In the online education system, teachers also have the option of teaching in two different modes. These are the live mode and the recorded videos mode. For both of these types of classes, teachers can use apps. Some apps offer features for conducting both these types of online classes while you can also choose to use different platforms to conduct live and video-based classes. There are online courses apps, that are specially designed for recorded videos and the classes based on them. These apps are very useful as the courses can be attended by the students of any age group and there is also no limit on how many students can attend these classes. Teachers can also reach students from anywhere in the world with the help of such courses.

Mobile apps for teaching allow teachers to create course content and study material that is compatible with the online platforms commonly used for teaching and delivering lectures. These apps also offer features for creating content that is informative and interesting to help keep the students engaged and attentive throughout the class.

Many apps also allow the installation of additional plug-ins to help digitalise some tasks like recording attendance and grades of all the students and also regularly monitoring each student and his or her performance.

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