What is the effect of stem cell therapy? How long does it take to show effect?

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Stem cell therapy is appreciated for its therapeutic properties. Since its first inception in the medical field, it has been used for treating distinct medical conditions. It first started with the use of bone marrow cells for treating blood disorders, and since then, it has been used extensively in several fields. Stem cells are for building new tissues, which help in treating diseases.

Today, the therapy is effective in combating cancer as well. If you are suffering from cervical or lumbar degenerative disc disease, you can look into stem cell therapy and its effect on your body. Whether it is damage to the soft tissues or joints’ overall structure, as well as erectile dysfunction, stem cells offer several benefits.

How does stem cell therapy work? 

As mentioned, stem cell therapy is currently employed to treat several conditions. The treatment focuses on utilizing the stem cells already present in your body as a non-surgical method of treating degenerative diseases. Whether soft tissue or joint structural issues, stem cells treat everything effectively. Under optimal conditions, the therapy for the disorder may work within 2 to 12 weeks. Its impact is long, and you do not have to worry about it. Multiple factors impact the time it takes for the patient to understand the feeling.

  •    Condition:Recovery time will differ from one individual to the other depending on the body condition. Although stem cell therapy is quick, the severity of the disease can extend the period. In this way, stem cell therapy will work depending on the level and the damage which has occurred. More so, it usually needs an extended recovery period. However, on the whole, the period is shorter than the surgical and invasive procedures.
  •    Overall health:Your health will impact the time required to heal. A strong individual in decent health will recover faster than others with pre-existing medical conditions. The environment also plays a vital role in your recovery process.
  •    Aftercare plan: Finally, aftercare is a fundamental factor that plays a vital role in determining the recovery time. When stem cell therapy at QC Kinetix (Beaumont)is used, your doctor will tell you to avoid from strenuous activities for a specified period. It will facilitate treatment results. Hence, now that you have decided that you want to look at this non-invasive method of treatment, you need to be clear about your aftercare plan.

The main point is that stem cell therapy will work based on various factors. So if you are sure that you want to use stem cell therapy to come out of your chronic condition, then you need to schedule an appointment with the doctor. Look for the reputed individuals available locally for your convenience. You may also speak to them about your treatment plan and then go for it.

More research is still going on to understand the effect of stem cells and regenerative medicine. However, it would help to talk to a medical expert to get the best treatment plan.

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