What is skin cycling? Should you try it?

skin cycling

If you love TikTok, chances are that you have heard about skin cycling and if you are wary about it, we get it. TikTok has proven to be a source of some good hacks, but also some very bad ones. So, is skin cycling a good trend to try or something you should hit snooze on?

What is skin cycling?

The purpose of skin cycling is to change your approach towards skincare, by changing your routine for the application of different products.

Due to the emphasis on skincare, many people had started using multiple serums and potions, putting multiple layers on top of their skin. Instead of then helping the skin, such potions cause more skin problems, meriting then the intervention of a dermatologist like Dr. Sana Younas.

Skin cycling, on the other hand, is about moderating the use of these products, allowing the skin to rest during the skincare routine as well. It then allows the skincare products to also work more efficiently.

What are the benefits of skin cycling?

Allows products to perform

Rather than just mindlessly piling on products on your skin, this technique allows each individual product to perform. It then is also easier for you to tell which product is helping your skin, and what you can pass on.

Break is good

When you take a rest day during the hectic skincare routine, it also allows your skin to breathe. It then incorporates the benefits of skin fasting as well. Moreover, it also takes the pressure of continuously using skincare products off of you.

Reduce negative side-effects

Another benefit of skin cycling is that it reduces the negative side-effects of different ingredients; naturally, when you use lesser product –but with better efficiency – there will also be lesser negative reactions.

Prevent and heal inflammation

If you continuously pile on product one atop another, it may lead to your skin then having irritation and inflammation as well. Also, without any break day, there is no off time for your skin, compounding the issue of irritation then.

Skin cycling, on the other hand, allows your skin to have enough space to repair itself. There are also lesser chances of inflammation and irritation. The break gives enough time for the skin to heal itself.

Replenish skin barrier

Having a strong skin barrier is vital for to have a healthy and hydrated skin. Otherwise, there is a greater risk of having skin that is dry, dull, and dehydrated. Such a skin is also more prone to breaking, leading then not just to irritation and itching, but it can also give the pathogens a gateway to enter your skin.

Skin cycling helps in protecting the skin barrier, as you are not piling powerful serums, which can pave way for compromised skin barrier.

Helps you understand the purpose of the product better

Often, many people use products without understanding what their purpose is, and if it is needed to begin with. When you turn to skin cycling, you learn the purpose of each product and understand which combination works best for you.

What are the disadvantages of skin cycling?

No technique is perfect; skin cycling also has some caveats as well. These include:

Slow results: If you are looking for quick results, skin cycling might not be able to guarantee you that.

Plateau: If your skin has gained tolerance to the products, chances are that skin cycling might not be of more benefit to you then.

Selective usefulness: If your skincare routine does not cause you irritation, and you have already found the perfect combination of the products, you might not notice profound results from skin cycling, as your routine was already working out for you.

What is the final verdict?

While for any informed decision about your skin, you should consult your dermatologist, but skin cycling can be of benefit. Even if you do not follow it to the dot, but the concepts of less being more, and being mindful of the products being used are beneficial.

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