What Are T10/194 LED Turn Signal Bulbs?

T10/194 turn signal light bulbs

We all know how much of a hassle it can be to try and find a replacement T10/194 bulb. Most commonly found in older vehicles, the T10/194 bulb is typically replaced with a T10/194 LED bulb. With the help of a few new technological advancements, the SuncentAuto T10/194 LED turn signal bulbs are bright and long-lasting. What makes the T10/194 LED bulbs so special? Well, they’re easy to install and they have a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, which is much longer than other bulbs! 

These T10/194 turn signal light bulbs are designed to last for a long time – and that’s not all. These bulbs are also brighter than other bulbs. They provide a whiter, more intense light than standard bulbs. That means that they will shed more light on the road, which is exactly what you need when you’re driving.

How to replace the T10/194 bulbs?

Installing a T10/194 LED replacement light bulb is simple, and can be done by anyone. The first step is to locate your T10/194 light bulb. T10/194 light bulbs are commonly used in turn signal lights, brake lights, and license plate lights. To find your T10/194 light bulb, you will need to open your hood, and remove the plastic cover over the top of your steering wheel. 

Once you have moved the steering wheel cover off of your steering wheel, you will be able to see your T10/194 light bulb. The middle of your T10/194 light bulb is where you need to focus your attention. The middle of the T10/194 light bulb is where the filament is located. You will need to unscrew the T10/194 light bulb in order to replace it with an LED replacement bulb. LED turn signal bulb | SuncentAuto free shipping is the best offer so dont wait and pick the deal.

Product overview:

SuncentAuto sells LED replacements for T10/194 bulbs, a standard size for most vehicles. Usually, LED replacements for T10/194 bulbs are only available in a dull yellowish color, which is not the best color for a turn signal. But SuncentAuto bulbs produce a vibrant, bright amber color. The SuncentAuto bulbs are also brighter than most T10/194 bulbs, so you get more light for your money, and the bulbs are also brighter than the stock bulbs. What’s more, the SuncentAuto bulbs are also easier to install. The SuncentAuto bulbs have a special connector, which plugs into the socket of your vehicle and allows you to install the replacement bulb without using a screwdriver.

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