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Mexican Blankets

Mexican blankets can be used in different ways and probably has something to do with how popular they are now. When Churro sheep were brought to Mexico and the southwestern United States, they brought them long, thin blankets or rugs called serapes or scrapes. Churro wool absorbs dye quickly, so the first blankets came in a wide range of colors, from bright and cheery to muted, to match the colors and materials of the area. Contemporary Mexican blankets are cheap and last a long time. They are great for high-traffic areas or decorative accents anywhere in the house.

Here are some fun ways to use a Mexican blanket:

Plan a camping trip

In the great outdoors, the tough fibers of a Mexican blanket are hard to beat. Spread them around a campfire to soften the ground and keep clothes clean and dust-free. Some kids might think sleeping on one like a cowboy is cool.


Since Mexican blankets work so well as yoga mats, more and more people are buying them to use as yoga mats. They are sturdy enough to keep you from slipping while working out on the ground and thick enough to protect your feet from hard surfaces. Not only can you use a Mexican blanket for yoga, but you can also use it for strengthening exercises like planks, sit-ups, and squat jumps. Also, they can be used as support if that’s what’s needed.

Hang them

Mexican blankets hang on the walls instead of more expensive Persian rugs in a room with a Southwest theme. In a large room with many different colors, their bright colors may help tie everything together. They can be a striking focal point in a room with fewer colors.

Take a walk

Mexican blankets are great as rugs because they have the same qualities that make them great as yoga mats—adding padding and texture to a hard floor to make it feel better. Also, their color schemes hide dirt better than other patterns or colors so they can be used in places with a lot of use.

Romantic Dinner

Enjoy a picnic on the grass with a strong Mexican blanket that won’t get dirty from the grass. You can relax on them because they are soft and easy to fold. They are great for shaking off the dirt, so it doesn’t get tracked back to the car.

Go riding

Traditional Mexican blankets are still used the same way they were made, covering horses’ saddles. Since Mexican blankets are easy to find in tack shops and their designs are often used on horse show blankets, it is not uncommon for experienced riders to use one under the saddle.


Since Mexican blankets are so thin, they can be used as a runner or to cover a small side table. They protect the table from scratches and dents, and their color and pattern go well with a room with a Southwestern theme.

Get Cozy

What exactly do people use blankets to cover? The other clear use of Mexican blankets is to keep people warm. Because they are heavy, they are great to wear on cold winter nights. Use it to stay warm while you’re in bed or on the couch watching TV.

Throw It

They can be used as beautiful decorative throws, which is a good way to use them and a good example of how versatile they are.

Play On

Mexican blankets are so versatile that babies and kids of all ages can use them as play mats. You can throw them over a table and chairs to make a fort or bring them to a play date to protect babies from germs on the ground or floor. Why not buy one if you like the colors and patterns on a typical Mexican blanket? You’ll wish you had more blankets to sit on at a picnic with your family outside, or you might want to keep one in your car in case of an emergency and one at home for play dates because they are so easy to clean. You’ll love the colorful and useful color combinations you can use around the house or when you’re out and about.

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