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Bag Packing Machine Factory

The ton bag packing machine is a big piece of bagging equipment that is fully automated and made just for the ton bag. This machine is also called a bulk bag filling machine, a jumbo bag filling machine, a bulk bagging machine, a huge bag filling machine, an FIBC filling machine, and so on.

The ton bag packing machine factory is used a lot by many businesses because it is accurate, efficient, and keeps the workplace clean. We all know that they have a lot of complicated mechanical parts and systems that make them work. So, if you keep reading this post, you’ll learn more about how the ton bag packaging machine works.

Explaining the Ton Bag Packing Machine in Greater Depth

The bulk bag packaging machine is perfect for filling large bags with bulk materials because it is highly automated. The system has parts for filling, weighing, clamping, raising, and cleaning dust. The accurate filling and fast packing speed help keep labor costs down and protect the environment.

Main Structure

The whole process of filling bulk bags is made up of a few different parts, such as:

• A system for feeding

• Weighing mechanism

• Bag clamping mechanism

• Bag hanging mechanism

• A system for lifting that works with hydraulics

• A method for getting rid of dust

• Bag raising mechanism

• Auxiliary steel structure platform

• Electrical control system

• Ways to get around (optional)

The top-weighing ton bag packaging machine takes up most of this space. Because of this, we have more types of bulk filling equipment may make the important configuration less important.

The way things work

To start, hang the bulk bag from the hook by its four corners. The next step is to put the bag mouth on the bag clamping mechanism (the discharge port), and the last step is to flip the discharge switch.

The bag clamping mechanism will hold the mouth of the bag tightly so that the mouth of the bag and the mouth of the discharge tube are in full contact and there is no space between them. Then, the mechanism that makes the bag rise starts to work, and the blower starts blowing air into the bag, which lets the big bag open all the way.

After that, the system that weighs will take care of itself and take the weight of the ton bag off, and the system that feeds will start to work. When the bag’s capacity for air and dust is reached, the air and dust flow out of the dust removal duct and into the bag in a steady stream.

In the meantime, the hydraulic weighing mechanism is lifting the bag. As more of the stuff goes into the ton bag, its height will decrease, but its weight will keep increasing.

When the target weight is reached, the system that weighs the animals will stop feeding until the system is reset. The big bag is also put on the platform, which makes the mechanism that holds the bag drop its grip. The bags can then be taken away using a forklift or the transportation system.

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