The dos and don’ts of periods


Period management is not an easy task. Your body is in discomfort and pain. Your emotional health is fraught. Your mother tells you something else, and your friend says the opposite.

And in the midst of this confusion, things can become slightly crazy. Learning the art of period management, therefore, is key. And in this endeavor, knowing the dos and the don’ts is vital.

Do maintain a period calendar

Aunt Flo does not exactly send a memo before making a bloody appearance. Therefore, you should chart your period date, each month. You can also log all your symptoms, so you have a proper data of how you felt before and during your periods.

Such data comes in handy when your periods go rogue, and you need to visit your gynecologist in Lahore for a solution. Similarly, charting menstrual cycle is also helpful for when trying to get pregnant.

Taking note of the symptoms help in understanding the signs of PMS, and women can then consult their doctor timely if the signs are rather extreme.

Do not become lax about sex on your periods

A lot of the women think they cannot become pregnant from having sex when on their period, but it is not true. For women with shorter cycles, they might ovulate just right after their period ends, and as sperm can survive inside the uterus for up to 5 days, therefore, you can still get pregnant. Plus, having unprotected sex is not safe anyways. So, always exercise caution.

Do change your pad or tampon regularly

While yes, period paraphernalia is expensive, you should change it regularly. If left for longer periods, it can lead to toxic shock syndrome, a rather dangerous condition which can be fatal as well.

While pads are easier to change, many women can forget about changing their tampons. So, be sure to consciously think about changing after a while.

Do not ignore the pain

Period pain is no joke. But because women have to put a strong front forward, they might patiently bear with the pain. Often, a good painkiller can help with the cramps, but if the pain is extreme, and does not improve with the OTC pain medication, you should visit your doctor. It may be a sign of endometriosis, and thus, going to the doctor is vital.

Do pamper yourself

While every woman’s experience of periods is different, but most often, discomfort is always present. However, there is a conditioning that women need to minimize period pain and discomfort to appear stronger.

But there is no need to put yourself under undue duress. It is okay to cut yourself some slack when on periods. If you feel like taking a break, do so. Make your well-being your priority.

Do not eat unhealthy meals

It is okay to eat some comfort meal once or twice, but if you make unhealthy diet a habit, then that is not good for your body or experience of periods. Poor dietary habits have an impact on your energy levels. Consuming too much salt can cause bloating, a problem common enough already due to menstrual cycle.

Do exercise

Some women are told they should not exercise on their periods, but there is no scientific reasoning for it. Of course, many are in so much discomfort that they do not want to. But overall, regular exercise can facilitate in better management of periods.

Do not drink too much caffeine

Try to moderate your caffeine intake during your periods, as it can lead to heightened discomfort. But if your body can handle it, then sure, go for it.

Do keep track of your blood loss

You may think you lose a lot of blood during your period, but mostly, it is not a lot. However, some women might experience greater blood loss. A sign of this is having to change your pad or tampon after every couple of hours.

Heavy periods pose the risk of blood loss, and iron deficiency anemia. Uncharacteristically high blood loss is even more alarming. So, if you notice heavier than usual periods, you should consult your gynecologist.

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