The Basic Steps of Creating a Website


The internet has given people the opportunity to create websites, where they can host businesses, publish their thoughts, or just post things that interest them. However, just because it’s possible for people to create websites, that does not mean that it isn’t still sometimes confusing.

In fact, if you have no computer experience and know nothing about creating a website 網頁製作公司, it might seem like an impossible task. Thankfully though, once you know what you are doing, it’s pretty straightforward.

This post will tell you what the basic steps of creating a website are, so you can make one.

Finding Host

Before you create a website, it’s a good idea to find a host. Most people choose reseller hosting because it is one of the most stable and reliable forms. If you have no idea what a host is, then in simple terms it is a company that provides website creators with the services and technology that they need for their website to be available on the internet, or to go live. If you choose a bad or unreliable host, then your website won’t perform well. If you have a poorly performing website, then people won’t want to visit it or do business with you.

Website Idea

You also need to seriously think about what your website’s purpose is going to be. The internet is not short on pointless websites. If you don’t have a good reason for creating one, then you won’t get any views. Your website needs to have a novel idea (or at least a popular one that’s well-implemented) in order to attract visitors. Your site’s visitors are the metric by which its success is measured. If you do not get any, then you won’t be able to monetize your site, or you won’t make any sales if it’s an e-commerce site. 

Developing Name

Your website’s name is something that you need to think about very carefully. Once you buy your website’s domain, you are stuck with it. You can of course change it in the future but that could then negatively affect your brand. Customers or frequent visitors will become accustomed to your site’s name. If you then suddenly change your site’s name people may not be able to find it or they might just lose interest. Your site’s name needs to be catchy, punchy, and to the point.

Website Design

One last thing to consider before you begin actively making moves to create your website is its design. If you do not plan out your site design prior to creation, then you will end up having to freestyle it. And, freestyling your site’s design can be a very bad idea. You will no doubt end up making impulsive decisions, which maybe aren’t the best. A very effective way of planning a site design is to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and sketch what you want your website to look like. By all means, copy other people’s websites and make them your own.

Website Design

Template Services

In terms of actually creating your website, you have two options: to use a template service or to hire an independent web designer. A lot of first-time website creators choose to use template services, which isn’t always the best idea. The reason that it’s not a great idea to use a template service is that they limit what you can do with your website, and also you are only ever going to be able to design your site in a way that’s similar to somebody else’s. Your site will never be truly unique.

Independent Creators

When you work with an independent web designer, on the other hand, you can design your site however you want. If you give the web designer that you hire the sketches you have made of what you want your site to look like, they will then be able to recreate them for you and ensure that your site looks the way that you want it to. One of the main reasons that people avoid working with independent creators is that they can be expensive. However, they also provide aftercare services and routine maintenance, which means you get a lot for your money.

Posting Content

Once your site is live, you can begin posting content. It is very important that you post high-quality content, ideally on a regular basis. The most frequently that you post content, the higher your site will rank on all of the major search engines. You do need to make sure that your content is filled with keywords, though. One way of ensuring that your site’s content has a lot of keywords in it is to hire a content writer who specializes in SEO (search engine optimization).

Online Marketing

Online marketing is essential if you want your site to get exposure. If you don’t market your site, then how are people supposed to know about it? SEO, which was mentioned in the previous section, is a very popular form of online marketing. SEO involves manipulating search engine algorithms, so to rank one’s site higher than its competition. Another effective form of marketing is social media marketing, which often involves using influencers, who are social media personalities with large followings. You can sponsor influencers and pay them to advertise your site to the people that follow them on their social media pages.

Monetizing Site

Finally, once you receive enough traffic to your site, you can begin monetizing it. If you are the owner of a blog, then you can begin hosting other people’s advertisements on your site. If you are a business owner then you don’t need to monetize it, you need to instead focus on generating and then converting leads. Monetizing your site as a blogger can be a highly effective way of generating passive income. You can also allow people to post content on your blog for a small fee. You can make a lot of money from doing this.

If you want to create a website, then consider the steps outlined here. The things mentioned here can help you to create a high-quality website. Make sure that you don’t overlook the importance of finding a good host, and that you consider hiring an independent web designer.

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