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All sports fans might have heard about this website. Streameast is a live streaming website that gives information about sports and streams almost every kind of sport. Whether it is UFC, MMA, NBA, NHL, MLB, and many more, can be conveniently watched for free!

Streameast is a foolproof website with an amazing user experience and is handy to use. Every stream is just a click away. Moreover, the visuals are available in the highest quality possible. There is a feature that sports enthusiasts just adore! And it is the feature of “Upcoming” right next to “Live Games”. With the “Upcoming” feature, you can mark your calendars to never miss a live stream. We’ll discuss the features in-depth later in the article.

Let’s take a look at what Streameast has to offer to the world.

Streameast Design

Quite often the live streaming websites don’t pay attention to the design of their websites. It results in chaotic and messy layouts which are not convenient to use. Unlike other streaming websites, the layout and UI/UX of Streameast is intuitive, comprehensive, and appealing. The buttons and color theme they opted, are interactive and immersive.

A paid version may allow you to view live streams at the highest quality but a bonus point is that both paid and regular versions are available with the same quality. Streameast has worked hard on designing successful designing layouts creating an impression which draws in the viewers immediately. People will stay online on the website because of its pleasing design for a longer period which will increase audience retention.

You can select any of the live streaming you want to view from the given list from the “My Games” option or fast filter by sport. Just click on the stream that you want to watch. And this is just straightforward and seamless. As the match begins, the panel will be shifted to video mode and the stream would be one click away. The video would be available to view in Theatre Mode. With a live stream, the viewers can also chat live in the “Stream Chat” option.

stream chart

Streameast Features

Streameast has features that offer unique and extensive options to provide with best results. Firstly (and we have discussed this earlier as well), stream east offers coverage in the highest quality possible. All kinds of sports whether it’s famous or not can be viewed for free on this website. You can watch sports like football, hockey, basketball, tennis, formula-1, MMA boxing, wrestling, table tennis, cricket, soccer, and esports. This feature makes stream east most popular among sports fans.

streameast feature

If you are attending any sports event and want to share it with the world, then you can easily go live on stream east. And YES! No signup or registration is required to share live video on stream east. If your friends are on vacation and couldn’t attend the match, you can do live coverage for them.

Tip: Members with paid versions can take advantage of an amazing feature called Multi-Stream. If you are looking to stream different coverages simultaneously, then you can use this option. So that your system wouldn’t hang and there would be no need of switching and going back and forth. Multiple screens would be visible without any distortion.

Every online streaming website comes with a chat room. So is the Streameast. Before starting a discussion, you are asked not to violate the rules and regulations. It is also mentioned that people shouldn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments and avoid using bad words. On not following the rules, that person would be restricted to do the chat.

Pricing And Plans

Streameast is a freemium service. Both paid and free versions of stream east are available with the highest quality and all games are available to watch. Major bonus points paid versions to have is that multiple games (up to four) can be viewed at the same time without any distortion. They also get access to a variety of extra features.

There’s another advantage which you are going to love is that with Pro versions you can have an advertisement-free experience. Streameast’s website is much inexpensive and with a small amount of 5 bucks, you can enjoy the Pro version.

Here is another trick to view multiple games in Streameast without the Pro version. View Livestream coverages from different systems. For instance, you can view live games on computers, android, or tablets simultaneously.

Streameast plans also support special customer service. You can pay through PayPal or the cryptocurrency coin you prefer!

That’s all folk.

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