Shark Tank: A Show for Entrepreneurs

Shark tank

Shark tank is a tv show for all entrepreneurs around the world to boost their business models. A panel of investors called sharks decides whether to invest when entrepreneurs present their business ideas. When evaluating the company, product, or business model of entrepreneurs, sharks often find weaknesses and faults. 

What is the shark tank?

Are already doing good in your own entrepreneur idea and want to expand it and bring your business to the next level? Then shark tank is a paradise for you. 

Creative-minded, highly motivated, skilled, and experienced entrepreneurs come into the shark tank from all over the world seeking equity-based investments from the giants already in the market. It is interesting to watch how the business conversation is going on between the parties.

At shark tank, business funding is just three steps away. First, you explain your business idea and what you did so far, then build a friendly conversation with the panel of sharks in front of you, ‘Abrakadabra’ offers will stream for you if sharks think that your business/ idea is a good investment. 

Investors of shark tank/ shark tank cast

We are talking about ABC Shows, which is a premier commercial broadcast television network operating under the ownership of Disney Television.

The company has selected Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban as the main start shark for this aspiring television show. However, Nirav Tolia and Daniel Lubetzky are also joining the tank in some episodes as investors.

Shark Tank International Versions

Shark Tank has many versions under different names, spread across the world in many countries such as India, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, Nepal, Malta, etc. The most recognized names of the international format of shark tank are the Dragon’s Den and the Money Tigers. Money Tigers is common in Japan and Dragon’s Den is popular around Europe and South Asia.

Creatively minded entrepreneurs meet international scale giants already in the industry on vivid platforms on television, the concept has been accepted by most people and irrespective of the sub-continent region shark tank has global scale community ratings.

However, the original shark tank, the American version prevails at the top from the date it first aired, August 9, 2009.

Most successful shark tank product

In each episode, sharks criticize the pros and cons of roughly four business ventures from new entrepreneurs, and among the hundreds of ventures, sharks have noticed some perfect products that just need an investor. ‘Bombas’ is probably the most successful product on shark tank. Bombas was producing comfort socks and now the company is making T-Shirts as well.

Daymond John has the deal with ‘Bombas’, for a 17.5% stake for $200 grand. Bombas co-founders David Heath, and Randy Goldberg consider socks to be the most needed for the homeless, and their belief made over $225 million so far.

But there are some amazing products like Hamdog, revolutionary app Auug, that did not get any deal from shark tank. but the product gets more attention and fame after the show.

So shark tank appearance is one of the best investments for your business model even you didn’t make any deal with sharks.

Current shark tank season update

American Broadcasting Corporation has started the aspiring television show ‘Shark Tank’ on August 9, 2009, inspired by the international format of ‘Dragon’s Den’.

So far shark tank has passed 13 seasons with roughly around 460 episodes. According to news feeds ABC is planning to cut down all the low-rated television shows due to economic reasons but the corporation still hasn’t specifically stated its opinion on canceling or renewing.

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