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Professional Scrum Master

Scrum and Agile frameworks are indispensable when it comes to Software Development. As such it is no surprise that with the recent boom in IT industries the demand for individuals certified in the way of Scrum has skyrocketed.

Forming one of the core aspects of Project Management, the Scrum framework helped lay the foundation for many of today’s tech giants.  The applications of Scrum are not just limited to tech and IT, Scrum framework s proven to be effective in any setting that requires you to optimize product and resource management.

Of the many Scrum certifications available the Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) stands out as a great progressive step for people already versed in the basics of Scrum.

Should you consider “Professional Scrum Master™”?

The Scrum framework focuses on forming small developmental teams that are agile and can work concisely. The Scrum framework has come a long way since its introduction in 1986, adapting and changing as per the industry requirements.

Professional Scrum Master™ being well versed in the methodologies of Scrum, make for a great addition to any developmental team which makes it a highly lucrative career option. It is ideal for someone looking for a career in Project Management with resilience to keep up with the ever-evolving Scrum framework.

Prerequisites for “Professional Scrum Master™”

Professional Scrum Master™ certification is broken into three stages starting with PSM I as the most basic of them all. The PSM I, II, and III certify the individual with a beginner, advanced and deep level understanding of the Scrum Framework. As you might have guessed the progression is linear and a qualifying certification of the previous level is required to opt for the next. The PSM I being the most basic of them all demands no prerequisites to be pursued.

It must be noted that while there are no prerequisites for a Professional Scrum Master training course, good knowledge and understanding of the Scrum framework can be highly beneficial. Some work experience with the Scrum framework will also go a long way in forging the way ahead.

Career Benefits for “Professional Scrum Master™”

The Scrum framework being highly versatile and efficient makes it applicable in any industry that deals with projects management. Although its primary patrons are the tech industry, a certified Scrum Master™ can choose from a variety of industries to work for.

Apart from the sheer number of career opportunities,  a PSM also brings a bunch of other benefits to the table that makes it a highly lucrative option for many.

High-value products: Professional Scrum Masters™ are trained to deliver high-value products centered on customer needs and demands.

Remarkable growth options: Growth options for PSM-certified individuals are huge, especially with the rise of globalization and rapid digitization. Not to mention the Scrum framework is ever-changing keeping it relevant to modern practices.

High one-year salary growth rate: Among many other benefits Professional Scrum Masters™ enjoy one of the highest one-year salary growth rates at around 21%.

Global Validation: Being offered by the reputed the PSM Certification in Zurich is valued worldwide.


Professional Scrum Master™ is a great course for people willing to make a career out of the ever-growing Scrum Framework.

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