How Will You Buy the Right Pair of Shoes?

Right Pair of Shoes

People tend to underestimate the importance of the right pair of shoes. A good pair of shoes serves more functions than you can imagine. They protect the feet, cushion body weight, make you feel comfortable, and prevent foot disease and whatnot. Therefore, buying shoes can be associated with conscious decision-making regarding lifestyle changes and improving foot health.

Besides width and size ensuring the perfect fit, the use of high-quality materials and skilful workmanship are crucial in the shoe selection. If you find all these overwhelming, opting for a Nike Phantom is your safe bet. However, some practical tips can always help when you’re out for your shoe purchase. Below are the details.

Look for the perfect fit.

The shoes you choose must conform to the shape of your feet and fit you perfectly in length and width. Also, your toes must have sufficient space for roll-through movement during walking while keeping your heels supported firmly.

If you’re planning to purchase from the Nike Phantom collection, it is best to measure your feet at the shoe store. The tissues and ligaments that attach bone to bone stretch and relax with age making changes in the shape and size of your feet. So, get the right fitted shoes to avoid foot pain and disorders.

Check everything thoroughly.

Shoe purchase is not to be done in a rush. You should check the inside of the shoes carefully for uncomfortable seams, hardened areas, or bulges. Various shoe manufacturers often don’t line the shoes fully, which exposes the edges, bulges, and seams. Therefore, purchase those shoes lined and stitched together to the larger sections as much as possible. This way, you can avoid unnecessary edges and seams that restrict comfort.

Don’t miss the soles.

You must not miss looking into the soles of your shoes. Check whether they are sturdy enough to protect from sharp objects or able to provide sufficient cushioning against impact. Try walking on a carpet and on hard surfaces to get the feel of the shoes.

You should also assess the flexibility of the sole by taking the bending test. If the shoe takes the V-form on bending, you’re investing your money in the right pair of shoes.

Pick the flat ones.

You can have fun wearing high heels once in a while, but you must not overdo it if it is causing strain on your feet. Instead, look for shoes that are orthopedically and anatomically flat. When you wear flat shoes, the roll-through movement occurs naturally, preventing improper weight distribution at the metatarsal bones and the foot arch. Therefore, choosing flat shoes for everyday comfort must be a priority.

Pay attention to finishing.

Your feet release about 0.1 cl of sweat each day, and you should not disregard the quality of the material. The shoes must have soft, breathable fabric that prevents skin irritation or chafing and can absorb moisture. You can choose a natural product like leather with distinctive material properties like moisture absorption and releasing capacities.

The upper part of the shoes must have good quality laces or straps to hold the foot in place during any activity. Also, there has to be some arch support in the shoe or the insert inside.


Well-fitted shoes have numerous health benefits, and you cannot overlook a single aspect while purchasing a new pair. Always remember that one of your feet tends to be larger than the other, so try the pair on and pick the one that fits the largest foot perfectly. Also, it would be best to replace your shoes when the heel has become angled or torn, which may otherwise cause pain in your lower back or leg.

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