How To Wear a Hat to Look Sharp and Wow the Ladies Like a Film Star

Wear a Hat

While many people still wear hats for protection from the sun, wind, and cold, most people use them as accessories to look better and draw attention. However, even though you can buy hats in many different styles, shapes, materials, and colors, you must appreciate that a hat will add to your appearance if it boosts your facial symmetry. Unfortunately, most people are not born with perfectly-shaped faces and may have large foreheads, odd-shaped chins and noses. By selecting a hat that adds to the symmetry of your face, you can look more appealing. Some handy tips for looking sharper with the right hat selection:

Hats for Different Facial Shapes

There are quite a few considerations to need to take into account when buying a hat. Even if you do not need weather protection but want to wear the hat as a fashion accessory, you need to consider the occasion and the climate. Another consideration for choosing a hat when you want to boost your appearance is appreciating your facial shape and buying a hat that will compensate for your features to add to its symmetry to make you look better. Some smart tips for choosing hats for different facial types:

Short and Full Face

A round face tends to appear short, which is why you will benefit from wearing a hat that gives you a few extra inches. You will do well to choose a hat with a crown of medium height and size that tapers slightly. The term taper refers to the ratio of the width of the top of the hat to its bottom. For example, top hats generally have a minimal taper. You should pick a brim with medium width and snap it to its full width turning it up fully. If you want to tilt the hat for a smarter look, tilt it back, not the front, as it will hide your face and make it appear shorter. Some of the best hats for people with short and round faces include the Panama hat, Fedora, and Gambler.

Long and Thin Face

If you have a long and thin facial shape, you need to look for a hat that shortens it for a better and more balanced appearance. You must avoid crowns that are too high, full, and square, and instead, look for short-height hats with a moderate taper. Opt for a wide hatband in a contrasting color to break the vertical line of your long face and make your face look shorter. You can wear a medium-wide brim with a snap stretching from one ear to another and tilted a little to the back. Recommended hat styles include the Homburg, Derby, and Fedora.

Top-Heavy Face

If your face is wider at the top and it narrows to the chin, you will want a hat that balances the top and the bottom of your face. You should wear a hat with a medium or short crown with a pinch towards the front and avoid high or full crowns that add bulk to the top of your face. A hat with crown tapering moderately goes well, especially when paired with a narrow to medium width hatband in a color similar to that of the hat. Ideally, the brim should be medium width, flat at the front, and rolled back at the sides and the back. You can tilt the hat a little to the side taking care not to push it too much back as it will expose too much of your forehead. The best hats or top-heavy faces are the Homburg and the Fedora.

Square Face

You will want a hat that adds some curves to your face and makes it look less boxy. You could pick a hat with a full, round, and medium height crown with minimal taper. A hat with a wide brim turned or snapped up and tilted to the side to break up the square look of your face works the best, especially if you don’t push the hat too far back on your head. Good buys include the Bowler and the Homburg. According to Reader’s Digest, a soft hat that smoothens out the angles of your face will work well.

Long Nose

If you have a long nose, you will do well to choose a medium-height hat without a very sharp pinch at the front and minimal taper. The brim should be wide so that it extends beyond your nose. Wearing it tilted to the side with a colorful and wide hatband can take the attention away from your long nose. Buying a Fedora can work well.


While men can carry off almost all colors on a hat, some colors go better with your complexion and hair. You can try wearing gray, blue, and brown hats if your complexion is ruddy. Brown also goes well with dark or dark olive complexions, while gray and dark blue suit pale complexions.

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