How to use Royale Touche Laminates to update your outdated office spaces

Royale Touche Laminates

Are you looking for an aesthetic, durable, and affordable surfacing solution to design your outdated office space? If so, Royale Touche laminates are your go-to choice. Royale Touche, the best laminate brand in India, offers premium, luxury laminates to cater to your diverse surfacing needs in homes and offices. The company’s laminate catalogue, which includes 600+ beautiful designs and 40+ realistic textures and introduces a new design every four days, has something for everyone.

Furnishing our office is a big venture. It requires being selective with the surfacing materials and creative with your décor idea. Then you need to mix and match the right textures, colours, and finishes to create the perfect aesthetics that reflect your character in its true sense and attract your clients and customers. At the same time, you need to ensure the surfaces last long without bearing scratches and wear and tear.

Here are some handy tips on how to use Royale Touche laminates to upgrade your office space.

Pay attention to walls

Walls take special attention while designing your office. Paints and wallpapers are traditional ways to adorn walls. If you want to give a distinctive touch to your workspace, then wall cladding with laminate sheets can do the trick within budgetary constraints. High-pressure laminates and textured laminates are the choicest ones for wall cladding.

When choosing laminate sheets for walls, be picky with designs, textures, and patterns. A creative mix of glossy and textured laminates with colours matching the furniture, ceiling, and other decorative elements can work wonder taking the office decor to the next level. Avoid too much use of vibrant colours. You may use them but in the right proportion. Choose ones that make the ambiance upbeat, professional, and inviting. Different shades of white, brown, and grey could be a way to go for modern office decor. However, choices are not limited to these colours only. You can also showcase some creative artwork on the walls. With Royale Touche laminates, you can go any creative to make your office feel like an office.

Design your cabinets and shelves in style

Cabinets and shelves cover a substantial space in the office as they store various office elements, including files, folders, papers, books, stationery items, and much more. You cannot bring in aesthetics without designing them. Again, colours and patterns take the driver’s seat to uplift the office decor. Cabinets and shelves are where you can play with either family or contrast colours, depending on your taste. Royale Touche offers a gamut of stunning laminates designed for office cabinets. Along with the beauty, Royale Touche laminates promise durability.

Revive your furniture

An office without stylish furniture does not feel like an office at all. The furniture has to be trendy to make the office look chic. You may laminate your office desks and doors for added aesthetics and elegance. Royale Touche laminates allow you to choose from an ocean of colours, shades, and finishes that make your office furniture look impressive and sleek. If a natural appearance appeal to you, select wood-finish laminates, which feature various textures of solid wood. Coloured laminate options are also available for your desks.

Upgrade your reception area

An artistically designed reception area can leave a lasting impression on visitors, clients, and customers, no matter in what business you deal. Use a fair amount of textured laminates on walls paired with trendy chairs, stools, sofas, and the centre table to create an inviting and relaxing ambiance. Royale Touche laminates set no boundaries on colour choices while you design your reception area.

Let the floor contribute to the office decor

Marble, vitrified tiles, granite, wood, and vinyl are common surfacing materials used for flooring. But the skyrocketing prices of these materials do not sometimes allow us to afford them. That is where Royale Touche laminates come as an affordable solution. They can replicate various textures of natural wood and stone. Laminate sheets let you choose from an exclusive range of floor designs and realistic textures. For more, explore the laminate catalogue of Royale Touche, the best laminate brand in India.

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