Gmail’s New Look is Finally Available for More People

Gmail’s New Look is Finally Available for More People

In February of this year, Google changed the user interface for its very well-liked email client. Only a small number of individuals in a few places had access to it back then, but it is now gradually becoming available to more people all over the world.

The updated design incorporates Google’s Material design language and groups Google Meet, Chat, and Spaces in a corner sidebar. You come in last overall. If you use Gmail frequently, the change will be very small yet still be apparent. Look at the illustration below.

The change is not significant and is mainly intended to draw attention to Google’s Workplace suite, which was recently improved to be a stronger rival to Microsoft Office. G Suite is now much more accessible than it was before because you may join a conversation in any section right away. When you move your mouse over an icon, a list will appear.

Additionally, this will clear up the clutter caused by many discussions appearing simultaneously in each app.

You may always go back to the previous design of Gmail if you’d rather; the new look will be applied immediately. Through the fast settings menu, you can accomplish this. When you access Gmail, you should see the change because the update is already live in Pakistan.

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