Foods that are good for your lungs


Having healthy lungs is imperative for a healthy you. Our lungs perform the vital task of loading oxygen and unloading carbon dioxide.

Without effective oxygen in the body, the process and reactions that keep the body working seamlessly are then disrupted.

There are some things that damage your lungs and are beyond your control, and there is nothing you can do about these. Your environment and genetics are something that you have to make your peace with.

Similarly, have diseases like asthma and cystic fibrosis that require help from your Pulmonologist in Lahore are also not in your control, but your lifestyle choices certainly are. And chief one amongst them is your diet.

What you eat is not only important for the functionality of your lungs, but a good diet can also help in improving the symptoms of some diseases. As certain foods allow the immune system to work better, they also help in decreasing the frequency and magnitude of the respiratory infections then.

Foods that are good for your diet


An apple a day might not keep the doctor away but will surely help your lungs. Apples are associated with improved lung functionality. They are also good for lowering the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder –COPD—alongside reducing the risk of lung cancer and asthma.


Beets and its greens are also good for your lungs. They are good source of nitrates, that are helpful for improving the function of lungs. Moreover, beets are also good for those suffering from lung problems like COPD.

Furthermore, as beets are also effective for lowering blood pressure, they are good for people having pulmonary hypertension.


Not only do blueberries taste great, but they are also good for your lungs. They are an excellent source of antioxidants. Moreover, blueberries are also linked to improved lung functionality. The berries also help in protecting the lungs from damage.


Good for not just adding spice to your life, peppers also are a great source of vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant. Peppers then help the body against oxidative stress, and the damage that free radicals might do to the lungs, and the rest of the body.

Green Tea

Green tea is also laden with antioxidants, and thus protects the lungs from oxidative damage. Furthermore, green tea also carries anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing scarring of the lung tissue. Once scar tissue is formed at a point, lungs are unable to perform their function in that area.

Scarring of lung tissue is a salient feature of pulmonary fibrosis, and green tea might then help in protecting against the disease.

Olive oil

You should know Olive oil is great for you when considering the huge role it plays in the Mediterranean diet. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory agents, Olive oil is great for the lungs. Its regular consumption has also been linked to improved symptoms of asthma.


Rich and potent, turmeric’s medicinal properties have been used by South Asians for centuries now, and rightfully so.

Turmeric is a good antioxidant and also helps in fighting inflammation in the body, but that’s not all there is to turmeric; it also has been associated with improved lung functionality. So, be sure to throw in some turmeric to your food.

You can also add some turmeric to warm milk, and drink before bedtime for better sleep and health.


Yogurt, an excellent probiotic, is another food that improves the functioning of lungs. It also aids in lowering the risk of COPD.

About lung health

While taking a good diet is important to maintain the health of the lungs, food is not a substitute for medicine. If your Pulmonologist in Islamabad has prescribed medication and treatment plan for management of your disease, you must follow it and not think that you diet will cater to it.

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