Five women’s dresses that every wardrobe must have

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Dresses have always had a significant impact on a woman’s wardrobe. Even with trends evolving, women’s dresses continue to be a staple in fashion. What sarees are to Indian clothing, dresses are to Western styles.

That said, choosing the ideal women’s dresses can seem like a daunting task with a plethora of styles and designs available. Therefore, we have selected a list of five elegant women’s dresses that should be part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Sheath Dresses: If you are looking for a versatile women’s dress that can be worn for both a formal business event and a ladies’ night, sheath dresses are your best option. These women’s dresses have a straight cut with no visible seams. Therefore, they conform to the shape and are even pinched at the waist.

Many see this dress as ideal for women with an hourglass figure. It can be worn alone or layered with an eye-catching jacket for a boss look.

Maxi Dresses: They are one of the most popular types of women’s dresses known for being elegant, comfortable, and exquisite. Generally categorized as casual wear, they fit at the bust and tend to loosen towards the hem.

Ideal for women with an apple or slim silhouette, these designer dresses flow with your figure, giving you the perfect laid-back look. Add a pair of breezy sandals and a minimalist necklace to complete the ensemble.

Midi Dresses: As the name suggests, these women’s dresses fall somewhere between a maxi and a mini dress. If you’re unsure of the formality of any event, pairing them with a cute pair of flats is the way to go.

These women’s dresses come with different necklines and sleeve lengths; therefore seen as ideal for tall women with a pear-shaped silhouette. Midi dresses can be worn alone or combined with stockings and ankle boots for the perfect winter look.

Mini Dresses: If you are someone who likes to stay avant-garde, mini dresses are what you need. They are tight garments that usually end above the knees.

A big hit with petite women with a petite shape, these women’s dresses can be favorite outfits for casual outings or date nights. Complete the ensemble by adding a pair of gorgeous heels to the mix.

A-Line Dresses: This women’s dress fits snugly at the hips and flares at the hem to give it an A-line shape. The main reason it is so popular is that it can be dressed either smartly or casually depending on the occasion. While sporting this women’s dress, you can pair it with tan stilettos or go for a sporty look with classic white sneakers.

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