Essential Tools For Growing an eCommerce Business From Home

Essential Tools For Growing an eCommerce Business From Home

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, more and more digital entrepreneurs have found success opening eCommerce stores online. The eCommerce market boomed during the pandemic and continues to rise today. With new easy-to-use, accessible digital business tools and services, anyone can launch a successful business from home. Here are a few essential tools and digital strategies for anyone planning to launch a business from home in 2022.

User-Friendly Online Store

Once you know what product or service you want to sell, you will need to construct your eCommerce website. Building a whole website can seem very daunting to those who don’t know web development or coding. However, with the online store builder from Nexcess, you can have a professional, high-speed eCommerce website up and running quickly and effortlessly. With Nexcess, you can “power up your WordPress site with custom-built technology designed to make every aspect of the digital commerce experience better.” You can design a stunning online store with the help of web dev professionals who ensure every aspect of your website runs at full speed and as efficiently as possible. Get fully functioning and user-friendly plugins that will meet your service’s needs and benefit your site visitors and customers—without having to write a single line of code.

Online Payment Tool

Once your site is up and running, you must select the best payment tool for your customers. Typically, the WooCommerce plugin is the go-to eCommerce plugin for WordPress sites, but through WooCommerce, you must still select the payment gateway you prefer. Different startup costs are associated with these payment gateway options, as well as subscription fees and transaction fees. Another consideration is the location of your eCommerce store, as some payment gateways will only service users in certain countries. Finally, perhaps the most crucial consideration is the security of the payment gateway. Most payment gateways will require an SSL certificate, which comes automatically with Nexcess’ managed WordPress hosting services. Some payment gateways are direct where customers can pay through your site; others redirect the customer to the payment processing site to complete the payment and then back to your site. Look through your various options for payment gateways compatible with WooCommerce and select the one most convenient and secure for you and your customers.

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Marketing Strategies

Every business owner knows marketing is one of the essential aspects of running a company. Your marketing strategies will help you bring in new customers and build brand awareness. Launch social media pages for your business to redirect users to your website and products. Posting regularly on social media and actively engaging with your followers and other online communities is integral to your marketing success. Search engine optimization is another critical marketing strategy you can deploy from your WordPress site. SEO will help you rank higher on Google for relevant search queries, directing user traffic to your site. You can use an online tool to determine suitable keywords for your industry and create informative content targeting those phrases on your site. Robust marketing strategies and campaigns are essential for operating a competitive eCommerce site in 2022.

These are just a few tools and strategies you can utilize in 2022 to launch, promote, and scale your new eCommerce business. Launch your startup today with the tools and services essential for the foundation of your success.

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