Impact of Covid on Travel Sector

COVID-19 has had a particularly negative influence on the tourism industry. In the second year of the pandemic, international arrivals climbed by just 4%, with 1 billion fewer arrivals than…

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Shark tank

Shark Tank: A Show for Entrepreneurs

Shark tank is a tv show for all entrepreneurs around the world to boost their business models. A panel of investors called sharks decides whether to invest when entrepreneurs present…

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Side Effects of Wearing a Mask for Long Time

Side effect 1: Skin irritation: Wearing a face mask causes an accumulation of oils, grime, and sweat on the skin, which causes skin irritation, redness, and possibly a rash, as…

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7 Home Remedies For Cough

Coughing, believe it or not, is actually beneficial. According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s your body’s mechanism of cleaning your airways in response to an allergen. A cough, on the…

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Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Cleaning

If you are looking for a professional cleaner to professionally clean your floors then commercial cleaning is one of the best services you can opt for. Commercial cleaning refers to…

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womens dresses

Five women’s dresses that every wardrobe must have

Dresses have always had a significant impact on a woman’s wardrobe. Even with trends evolving, women’s dresses continue to be a staple in fashion. What sarees are to Indian clothing,…

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