5 Ways Parents, Teachers and College Students Can Ease Their Back-to-School Stress

Back-to-School Stress

With the covid pandemic still hovering, the schools and colleges have reopened again and are slowly returning to their functions. By maintaining the proper safety protocols, the schools and colleges are starting to resume their physical classroom education sessions from the online process. However, this has created a certain amount of tension and stress among the students, the parents, and the teachers. The main reason behind this is the shifting of the processes demands a certain amount of time to get used to, which remains unavailable, increasing the stress on everyone involved. However, the following study can give the parents, teachers, and students some comfortability regarding the back-to-school stress.

Having a Positive outlook

Having a Positive outlook

The fact that the schools are reopening and everything is slowly returning to its normal proceedings gives a great sense of a new beginning. The best way to get on board with this is by letting go of the past and embracing the future with a positive outlook. If the previous experiences have been a hard pill to swallow, it’s about time, the past failures should be put aside and prepare for trying again. With the opening of schools, there have been many positive results regarding people’s mental health and physical health.

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Regulating the breathing process

Regulating the breathing process

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Life may seem out of control and spiral out to nothingness when going back to school. However, there are little things one can do to relieve themselves from anxiety in certain situations. The key element in combating this is regulating and focusing on the breathing process when there is a feeling that tends to be overwhelmed or panic. This regulation of the breathing process helps in calming the person down. Various types and patterns of simple breathing exercises like counting in your head while taking deep, slow breaths can help regulate your breathing when there is a need for one.

Getting organized with time to spare

The long break that the pandemic has provided everyone has made us get out of the habit of being organized due to the lack of practice during this break. It is thus advised to be prepared the night before, regarding laying the uniform out and having the bag packed and ready, going back to school. This enables the person to get up with ample time to have breakfast and ease into the day. The process of giving oneself plenty of time to wake up in the morning can help in relaxing instead of being in a rush to leave the house.

Surrounding yourself with friends and known faces

Having someone close to you who provides relentless support on the day of returning to school is always special. If a feeling or an occurrence makes a person anxious about the first day, it is better to stay near friends to ease the nerves. Some solutions to this can be organizing to walk to school with a friend or meet them outside before going in. If, by chance, your siblings are also in your school, let them know of your problem. Their presence and talking to them may be able to offer advice that can calm your nerves.

Talking about it to someone

Talking about it to someone

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With everything slowly returning to its former proceedings after the pandemic, there might be a possibility of feeling anxious about going back to school. If that happens, it is important to speak or talk about it to someone. Although it can be your fears about classes, teachers, or your classmates, talking to someone can enable them to give you a different perspective on the situation. With the worries of bullying, the proper advice would be to make an appointment with the school counselor or a teacher you trust before term starts. This can make them be aware of the issue and help to support you during the year.

With the shifting of various processes due to the pandemic, it is normal to be stressed and feel anxious regarding the changes. However, by following the above-discussed methods, these sensations or feelings of being stressed and anxious can be reduced or subsided.

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