5 Best HHC Disposable Vapes You Must Try

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is an excellent like-for-like alternative to using THC. It offers similar effects as Delta 8, though HHC is highly concentrated. If you are interested in HHC, vaping is the most effective way to consume it. The vapes are ultra-efficient for first-time vapers and can take you on a relaxing and rejuvenating journey. If you’re new to HHC or want to learn more about it, this article discusses the best HHC disposable vapes you must try.


What is an HHC disposable?

An HHC disposable vape is a vape pen prefilled with HHC-infused vape oil. It works by breath activation or pressing a button on the device and inhaling.

The single-use disposable vape pens have taken the vaping experience and convenience to a new level. They are ultra-efficient for first-time vapers and can take you on a relaxing and rejuvenating journey.  

However, there are many disposable vapes on the market, which makes it challenging to choose the best one. We reviewed top tire brands for the best HHC vapes on the market. Here are some of the best HHC disposable vapes of 2022.


1. HHC disposables by Astroeight

This is one of the most consistent and trusted HHC brands offering excellent products. The HHC 2.2ml disposable vape pen uses a ceramic heating element to provide the best taste and experience. Each vape comes with premium quality HHC extract containing about 2200 mg per disposable vape device. The device is pre-charged and also has an option to recharge.

Astroeight provides the best HHC vapes free of hazardous materials and substances. They are premium HHC-derived hemp with a consistent taste and smell throughout the shelf-life because of a simple production process.  Try HHC disposable vapes now from Astroeight for the best flavor and experience.

Besides, third-party testing ensures that the product’s contents, safety, and purity are accurate. You will love the taste and feel of the HHC carts available in different strains, including Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. 


2. HHC disposable vape cartridges by Genesis

Genesis is one of the pioneers in HHC disposable vapes and a trusted brand in the industry. It produces high-quality products devoid of cutting agents in the HHC carts. The disposable vape pen from Genesis has a rich concentration of HHC that delivers a powerful experience. It contains around 96% HHC alongside cannabis terpenes.

The company offers high potency disposable vapes that allow you to enjoy powerful results. The vapes produce incredibly delicious hits that feel smooth in the lungs while producing string effects throughout the body. There are third-party reports showing the product to be purified and federally compliant.

The disposable vapes are available in three flavors: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Each cart contains 900 milligrams of premium HHC extract and a proprietary blend of terpenes.

3. 3Chi HHC disposable vape

3Chi was one of the first brands to introduce HHC products. It conducts thorough research and has invested in the best processes. Its line of HHC disposable vapes boasts a distinct and mouthwatering terpene profile. They provide an effortless way to enjoy your HHC extract.

The HHC disposable vape pens are powerful with delicious effects. The formula contains 95% HHC and 5% natural terpenes. This rich concentration of HHC delivers the most potent experience. Expect a great vaping experience that’s not harsh on the throat. Besides, the vapes produce significant, smooth hits with stimulating and energetic effects. 

The vape carts are available in different flavors and strains. The brand uses a 350mAh battery that guarantees high-performance and long-lasting usage. This disposable is breath activated and powerful on its own. It has third-party lab test results for purity, legality, and potency.

4. Smilyn Wellness HHC disposable vape

The company produces one of the best vape carts on the market. It has recently produced HHC products, including disposable vape carts. The Smilyn Wellness disposable vapes contain 900mg HHC.

These disposable vapes are potent enough and provide a balanced buzz between the head and body. Moreover, they’re available in different flavor profiles with instant effects. These products are third-party tested for purity and potency.

Furthermore, the vapes contain high-quality extracts from organically-produced hemp. They comprise high-performance CCELL battery stands that deliver consistent, flavorful hits. HHC disposables have no THC and don’t taste artificial, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the vape pens in their natural flavors.

5. Delta Extrax HHC disposable vape

Delta Extract is the right place if you need a reputable brand that provides a versatile selection of different cannabinoids. The brand recently released HHC disposable vapes that come in two flavors. Each cartridge contains a blend of HHC distillate and naturally occurring terpenes.

This HHC disposable cartridge has 93% purified HHC distillate. It is a high-quality resin extract that produces some of the most potent effects. The vape pen offers an exciting selection of high-quality disposables that hit hard.

The product is third-party tested for purity and potency. The results show no pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, or dangerous ingredients. Besides, this product has consistent flavors with smooth draws and well-rounded highs, making them ideal for those with high tolerance and those experienced with HHC. 

Bottom line

HHC is an upcoming cannabinoid getting tons of traction among hemp users. Moreover, they have less than 0.3% THC, making them legal in several regions. Remember, HHC is psychoactive, similar in effects to THC, and has about 80% potency. This article has discussed the five best vapes if you’re searching for high-quality HHC disposable products for sale. We looked at hemp brands across the industry in choosing these five.

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